Uhei Translations

Announcement: Double JYJF update scheduled for 16/10. Expect updates to be a bit slow while I’m working on a new translation project. LSWW extras will be posted whenever I have the time I guess. Maybe the next one will happen when Suika resumes translation in Nov/Dec?

Translating good danmei finds

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Latest Updates

Is the Gentleman Feeling Alright? -Chapter 32

The full entourage of palace maids and imperial bodyguards had been dismissed from the antechamber of the Xuanshi Hall1, yet within this astronomically large hall the air seemed considerably dense. Li Yanzhen alone sat on the seat-of-honor while Chu Mingyun, Su Shiyu and the emissaries from Loulan stood at two opposing sides.   The imperial bodyguardContinue reading “Is the Gentleman Feeling Alright? -Chapter 32”

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